PVC doors

Plastic doors production

PVC doors

The doors are made of German ‘Gealan’ profile only with the widest frame of 126 mm. used for manufacturing that ensures its long lasting sustainability. On the contrary, narrow profile doors especially on sunny summer days may cause some deformation, lose its hermetic and can no longer be adjusted.
Door hinges are adjustable in three places that allows easy to adjust the doors and avoid the crash that occurs due to the movement of walls especially after the winter. Moreover, door locks attraction strength is also adjustable.
Our plastic doors are free from environmental exposure (cold, humidity, direct sunlight, etc.). Colour does not fade plus thick metals secures the frame from deformation.

Exterior door locks

Lockers lock the door at three sites: two hooks attracts the top and bottom of the door and locks onto the main frame preventing the quick and quiet brake out and the main tab that locks the door in the middle.
Door locks are operated with the handle. When the handle is held up the main lockers lock themselves and all that remains is to lock the doors using the key. Such lock management ensures that the key will never get a high load, therefore the lock will operate easily even in the coldest weather. The raising force of a locker is also regulated.
Lockers that are controlled along with the handle are very handy during the colder weather when you acquire more sealing within the door. Lift the handle of the door to close it tightly and if the lock is not locked with a key lockers will automatically unlock and you’ll be able open the door.

What threshold do you choose?

Low aluminium exterior door sill is a few centimetres in height. Sill start is less than a centimetre in height so it is comfortable enough to transcend or transit. This threshold is strong in material and has no problems on sustaining any weight.

High threshold is not as user-friendly nor as reliable as aluminium. However, this threshold is warmer therefore it can be added as the output directly from the living room to outdoors.

Hisilicon Balong
Double doors

We can produce the front door in two parts when opening them both no partition is left. These doors are handy if you need to make or import furniture inside the room or any other massive household appliances.

The main door is opened and closed in a usual manner as with the side part it opens up while folding the handle which is visible when the main part is opened.

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