Balcony Doors

Our balcony doors production

Balcony Doors

Balcony doors and plastic windows are produced in a same shape if they are made of the same plastic model profiles and have a handle on the inner side of the door. These doors can be glazed with triple-pane glass. It has opening, tilt and micro ventilation functions. Balcony doors are much cheaper than the exterior doors and ideal for the second entrance.

Trigger – closer for balcony doors

In order to close-in balcony doors when going outside but leaving the handle in an open position additionally the trigger can be installed which prevents the doors opened from the wind.
Trigger consists of three main parts – the handle attached from outside, retainer attached to the frame and the locking tap which is attached to the window panel.

Multi-part terrace doors

Balcony doors can be manufactured in a single frame supported with one or even several additional components that may be operable or not.
Therefore, there is a possibility to produce the balcony door of several parts that have no partitions when opened. These doors are very useful if you need to bring any furniture or other massive household items into the room. The main part of the door opens up normally and the other part opens when folding the handle which is visible when the main part is opened.

(Lietuvių) Balkono durys su užraktu

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