Information about manufacturers

Information about manufacturers

About GEALAN Fenster-Systeme Gmbh (our popular windows profile producer).

‘GEALAN Fenster -Systeme Gmbh’ PVC profile systems for plastic windows and doors began its production in 1968. According to an independent marketing agency ‘Applied Market Information Ltd.’ (UK) today ‘GEALAN Group’ is part of the largest European manufacturers of PVC profiles entering the top ten PVC profile producers in Europe. Due to the company policy innovation, product quality and customer support system, there is a constantly growing interest in its products.  Concern ‘GEALAN Fenster-Systeme GmbH’ with its subsidiaries and representative offices is one of the largest plastic windows and doors systems producer not only in Germany but also in other European countries as well as Russia and Ukraine. In the year of 2008 all of its group companies’ turnover are estimated to amount 278 million euros. Key areas of activity combines PVC profiles for plastic windows systems design and manufacturing.
Main residence of its group companies is located in Bavaria, the Southeast of Germany.

About Siegenia-Aubi KG (the hardware manufacturer for Gealan profiles) ‘SIEGENIA – AUBI KG’ was founded in Germany in 1914. Since 1919 ‘SIEGENIA’ has been producing the technical equipment for furniture and other hardware. In year of 1937 its core business overtook the modern window hardware production. Many years of experience and quality assurance has allowed this company to become a leading and one of the largest hardware windows producing companies in the world.
The company sells its products around the world having its head office located in Wilnsdorf – Niederdielfen, Germany.

Pilkington Group Limited (Glass packet producers)

‘Pilkington Group Limited’ was founded in 1826, UK. This company is a world leader in producing a clear glass as well as one of the largest glass and glass-package manufacturer. It is ‘Pilkington’ who created the so-called ‘float glass’ production technology. Today such glass-making process is considered as a standard of a high quality glass sheet manufacturing method. Furthermore, the company invented the first self-cleaning glass technology. Manufactured glass is coated with a very hard coating that combines sun protection and thermal insulation properties, high light transmission, low reflection ratio, ‘anti-flash’ effect and a clear, homogeneous colour. These features allowed the company to survive nearly 200 years and become a market leader.
Company’s main office is located in St Helens, UK.

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